Every journey begins with the first step

the red scarf

Hello everyone :-)

Finally, the “showcase website” is ready to go live. Since the initial announcement, over one year ago, I came to the conclusion that the simplest things work the best.

What you see in front of you, is an attempt to offer a simple, almost self-explanatory website which is easy to use and to navigate.

Some planned functions, such as an “exhibition calendar” and a “books” section, will be added during the next weeks. The “galleries” and the “series” sections require a flash player, so please make sure that your internet browser has the appropiate plugins installed, otherwise you won’t see any images.

This site has been optimized and tested for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Flock. (Even the crappy MS IE 6 is able to display some information :-)) If you encounter some strange things, feel free to leave some feedback and I’ll try to fix it. Thanks.

I hope you like what you see and keep coming back.

Vernon Trent