crazy on my own - feat. Carina

Back from testing and shooting that took place two weeks ago, I could not wait too long until developing the new film. I was curious like a cat how the images would come out. A really BIG surprize and much better than expected.

I have tested the Rollei Universal 200, a black&white medium format film manufactured by Rolleifilm ( under conditions I normally use to take my pictures, including lots of structures, harsh light and deep shadows, using reflective clothes fabric and also a huge red scarf to test the red sensivity of the film.

What I can say now is, that the film honors the right exposure/metering with an immense amount of details and fine gradients from pure white to deep blacks.

I’m going to write a review with example images pretty soon, but for now I just wanted to leave these lines here and praise the film as my new film for the next shootings.

Have a great weekend, take care,

Vernon Trent