The Essence

Sandy Krebs

Over the past weeks and months I have got many emails from people asking a lot of things regarding my work and the way I shoot and compose my work.
It’s hard to explain, I’m just doing it and sometimes it takes some time until I get back to the shots and process them…

After the shooting I need distance, yet some space to clear my mind and “refill my batteries”. This stage can take a day or two or sometimes one or six months.

There is no recipe or rule for what I’m doing, it’s just me using my imagination like an abbrasive paper, grinding all the surfaces from the unnecessary until I get what I need…

What remains is the essence, dipped in lights and shadows.

Today’s image is featuring the wonderful model Sandy Krebs, taken with a Hasselblad 501/Sonnar 250mm on Rollei Universal 200 film, exposed for the shadows and developed for the highlights using Adox A+B developer. It was an experiment, as the Adox A+B & Rollei U200 combination is not documented. I’m quite happy with the results, especially with the grey tones.

Have a wonderful time,

Vernon Trent