While leaves fall…

Exhausting the light

Phew, how time flies… It’s been a long time since the last update here, almost 4 months. The summer is gone, the fall is already here. In the meantime many things happened  and my life has been playing a bit crazy, good and less good events.

There will be new images uploaded in the galleries during the next days, but for now I just wanted to give a proof of life and also mention two new publications that are coming next.

First, the anniversary issue of Carrie Leigh Nude Magazine, which is going to be in stores from November 15th 2009, will contain a selection of my work. Don’t miss the issue, order your copy!

Second, although it’s almost done, I’m still working on a new book which will showcase the outcome from two sessions with the outstanding US Model, Candace Nirvana. The book is a homage to a wonderful model and person, but also a selective remembrance to a photographic film that will disappear from the market, the Rollei R3 film. Seems that the film market has more funerals than christenings these days and I’m really happy that I could envision my dream and finish “Exhausting the Light” with Candace… I’ll let you know when the book is going to be available to the public.

Until then, please enjoy this sneak preview and make sure you don’t miss the fall issue of NUDE magazine.

Peace and love,

Vernon Trent