New Images and “Mobile Ready”


The last months were pretty busy with plenty of work, creating new series of images as well as getting more practice with alternative processes. The new camera for the wetplate collodion process arrived at the beginning of January and I managed to create some new plates which have been published at Stern.

My lab has become kind of alternative process/printing center and I’ve been trying techniques that are quite old, but very interesting and the results are very pleasing, getting excellent “one of a kind images”.

Please have a closer look at the “Alternative Processes” album (quick link to the album on the right side), you may also find new lith, platinum/palladium and toned salt prints (all scans).

There is also a link to a new album, Still Lifes, which contains a selection of images shot on 4×5 large format film. All those images are scans from reference prints, which I’ve created to document the process for large print reproduction.

A new feature on this website is the “mobile readiness”, which means that iPhone/iTouch visitors can see a special version of this website and also have access to the flash based albums. Flash is still an issue for Apple’s mobile devices, but this is now very elgantly solved with no extra work from my side (which is really good).

Actually, the mobile version offers all the features that the “desktop” version has, such as blog, image galleries, contact and RSS. The interface is quite self-explanatory, give it a try if you have an IPhone/iTouch!

Here some screenshots of the mobile version.

Have a great weekend, take care.

Vernon Trent