June 11th 2011: Alternative Process Printing Workshop in Pirmasens, Germany

Mona van Dyke Print

I’ve got plenty of emails from people asking why the last post was “suddenly” written in german :) Well, I thought, since the event takes place in Germany it would be more interesting for people who live in Germany and like the information in german. But you’re right, the info should be available in an international form :)

So here we go.
The “Pirmasenser Fototage” is an event around photography and takes place from June 10th till June 26th, 2011. Among many local events, there will be also exhibitions with more than 1,400 pictures as well as workshops covering many genres, such as still life, nude, fashion, alternative process printing or cars, just to name a few.

I’m very glad to announce that the organisators have invited me to give a workshop in alternative process printing. The workshop will take place on June 11th at 4pm. I’m going to demonstrate a couple of easy to use techniques and processes, such as Cyanotypes, many variations of Van Dyke, Salt and Palladium. After a brief introduction and live demonstration, the attendees will start and create some “magic” by themselves.

Reservations for the workshop only online via email under http://www.pirmasenser-fototage.de/index.php?id=6 (site is in german language). Miss Monika Dimdik is your contact person (email address: monikadimdik [at] pirmasens.de) Mention the workshop you plan to attend.

I’m looking forward to meet you in Pirmasens.

Vernon Trent

pirmasenser fototage 2011