My Temporary State of Lightness

St. Merrique

Here we go with a new blogpost and I must admit, it was over-overdue.

Looking back to the tide of events during the last year, it was a hell of a year… In good and less good terms. So let’s keep the good ones and learn from the less good.
After moving back to Düsseldorf City, I got some health issues and needed to step back a little, just to recover and get back in track, as well as to “re-charge” my batteries. Thanks god, it’s all well now.

My exhibition mentioned in the previous post was a full success; I had plenty of very interested visitors and it was capped with a finissage. It was pretty much different to my previous exhibitions, with lots of hand made “alternative” process prints, such as platinum/palladium, cyanotypes and also van dyke.

The new year has started with some new projects, one of them being the relocation of my “Plutonium Labs” and it looks like the opening will be some time  in May/June this year. A pretty nice location with space for gallery, lab and studio/workshop rooms. More on this as soon the relocation starts.

And there will be new exhibitions. I’m in negotiations for shows in London (UK), Valencia (Spain) and Bochum (Germany).

Okidoki, that’s all for now and please check the galleries. There are some new images as well.