Alternative Process Printing – Inspirational Creativeness and Variety

Alternative Process Prints

What I love about alternative process printing is the fact that it allows to create many different images just from one subject; and even it’s the same subject, you create unique, one of a kind images which tell their own stories. The selection shown below, has been created using some of the popular processes, such as cyanotype, van dyke, palladiotype and kallitype. Some of the prints are toned, some are kept in their original process colors.
The size of the paper vary between 15×15 cm and 40×50 cm. To keep the original colors and structure, I have photographed them while displaying on a wooden stand.

Many of the prints are also available for sale. Send me a message via the contact page if you are interested in buying some original artwork.

If you’d like to learn how to make such images, check my event calendar page for workshops and tuitions in Alternative Process Printing.

And now enjoy the slideshow :)