Artwork for Your Walls – Buy Prints & Support the Artist

artwork for your walls - prints in a clam shell box

Most of my work is available for sale and I offer a various amount in different editions and sizes. The prints are available on traditional silver gelatine/baryte or on archival cotton rag papers, such as Hahnemühle and Ilford Gallery using Epson K3 carbon based pigment inks. Artworks created using alternative print processes, are available on different papers such as Bergger Cot, Ruscombe Mills, Fabriano Artistico or Canson.

Many prints are available in limited editions of 5 to 25 (depending of the size and also the subject), signed, dated and numbered on verso. Alternative process prints are “one of a kind” and even when created in small series, each one is unique. All prints are delivered in a clam-shell box which can also be used for archival purposes.

Artwork for your walls, buy prints and support the artist!
For inquiries please contact Vernon or one of his gallery representations mentioned in the contact page.