Abstract Emotions 2007 Book Cover

Book - Abstract Emotions 2007

The most appreciated and successful pictures shown at my latest exhibitions have been now published in a book. It ended into a 48 pages book with a representative cross section of my work created during the last 12 months.

Like in the past, the title hasn’t changed, just the year. So we stand loyal to “abstract emotions” and added the year 2007. Some of my customers decided to collect them. Year-books! *sigh* :)

However, I’m very glad to present you the “Abstract Emotions 2007″ Selected Works Edition. If you are interested to get a copy of this personally signed and limited edition, please feel free to contact me. You’ll get then all details to complete your order and the shipping is at no fees. Worldwide!

Don’t hesitate! This edition is limited to 50 issues.

First comes, first served!


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