Book - Exhausting the Light

Book - D’épuiser la lumière (Exhausting the light)

The book is a homage to a wonderful model and person, but also a selective remembrance to a photographic film that has disappeared from the market, the Rollei R3 film.
Candace Nirvana – many things come to mind. An amazing model, an artist in her own right, a poet, infallible integrity and of course, beautiful. I’ve had the good fortune to know her for 5 years and she has always exhibited positivity and creativity. Some of the best photographs I have made were of Candace. I know anyone who has worked with her has felt the same. She’s become a great friend of mine, so it gives me pleasure to write about her.

She’s worked with some of the most recognized photographers of our day and for a short list – Eikoh Hosoe, Jock Sturges, Ken Browar and Michael Grecco. Now Vernon Trent.  She has traveled all around the world modeling for artists and is definitely on the short list of all the desired muses to work with.

Candace is a very astute photographer too. Be sure to keep an eye out for her pictures.
Text by Zoe Wiseman

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