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Many historic photographic processes have become an exciting alternative to digital imaging and due to many requests, I am offering a various range of workshops for the people who are interested to discover the magical world of making chemical images.
Most of my workshops have no special requirements or need prior expertise knowledge. They become a wonderful addition and great experience to every photographer, artist and creative mind.

The workshops cover alternative process printing, such as kallitype, cyanotype, van Dyke, platinum/paladium, salt printing, collodion chloride, as well as wet plate collodion and traditional printing and toning on photographic paper.
Please click here for a brief overview about the processes and their particular characteristics.


So often as artists we peak at certain points in our careers. It’s a natural evolution in any artistic craft and often we need something fresh to take us to a new level. Large improvements are natural in the beginning, but as your skills progress it takes a much larger effort to make relatively smaller gains. It’s just part of the artistic growth process. Consider taking a Master Class with like minded and equally skilled photographers. Creativity and improvement are best fostered in a community of equally skilled artists. Guiding you through areas of individual improvement and opening your creative thought process results in a new and improved portfolio. That is the goal of my Master Class Series.

Goals specific to the more advanced image creator include:

Approach and Examination on Photography Themes
Composition and Vision
Ethics and Aesthetics in Artistic Nudes
Printing and Choosing the Right Media
Presentation and Archival Conservation
Portfolio Reviews

The difference between a ‘good image’ and a ‘great one’ is massive. Collaborating to take you to that next level is something I enjoy.

Location for all workshops and master classes is Düsseldorf, Germany.


  • Hands-On Demonstrations

    The kind of presentation, where you can just join and get more informations about the process you are interested in. It’s very helpful, especially to find out how much it takes to get all what is needed, if the space you have is suitable to start, etc. It is the best way to get in touch with a process you want to learn.
    Due to space restrictions, the Hands-On Demonstrations are limited to 6 people.

  • Workshops

    The ‘XXL version’ of the “Hands-On Demonstrations” where you’ll learn from the very first step everything you need to create one of a kind images and give your creativity a spin.

    The workshop is limited to small groups of maximum 3-4 people.

  • One 2 One

    The name says it: just you and me.
    Full action packed and lots of fun creating magic.
    There’s no rush, you’ll have plenty of time to learn and experiment.